Who is buying holiday apartments along the Black Sea Coast?

If I look back at the year in terms of sales of holiday homes on the Black Sea, the market has not been too uplifting for the sellers. There is still a mismatch between supply and demand. If one’s sales price is not competitive, they will ” not be invited up for a dance ”, meaning there will be no viewings.

Lack of interest from the Russian market
Interest from the Russian market has declined sharply this year, due to the political climate and the economic situation in the country. We find that more Russians choose to sell their holiday homes by the Black Sea.

New players on the pitch
On the other hand, we have experienced increasing interest from Ukraine. Quite some Ukrainians are nervous about collapsing of the country, and therefore choose to secure their savings and future by buying properties in Bulgaria, especially for all year living.

In Poland, the economy is growing, and new flight routes from 8 airports are opened to the Black Sea Coast. It has increased the interest in investing in a holiday apartment.

The Romanians have returned to the market, and have especially shown interest in the northern part of the Black Sea, in the Kavarna and Balchik area.

Finally, we have seen a growing trend from Bulgarians who live abroad, to choose and invest in a holiday home.

Robert Møller