E-book for Free – How to Sell Your Property Fast and to a Good Price – Within 6 Easy Steps


Welcome to the only e- book on the market, giving you a detailed “recipe” on how to sell your property in Bulgaria though 6 easy steps- fast and at a good price. 

I decided to write this e-book, because I believe it would be much in demand amongst those looking to sell their holiday home inBulgaria.

In the past few winter months, after reading a good night story to my two little girls at 2 and 4, I sat in my kitchen with my computer my spent a few hours creating this electronic guide.

My working late hours was not exactly well received by my lovely wife Nevena, although I am sure she understood well my desire to share my 8 years of experience on what does and what does not work at all in Bulgaria when it comes to selling property. 

In any event I believe that my wife’s understanding was well regained with the help of a pair of gold earring she got from me for Christmas.

You would, most certainly ask:  Well, Robert, what is your background, making you an expert in this field?” Well you see….

Download the e-book here: How to sell your property fast and to a good price – within 6 easy steps