Bourgas – shopping and sightseeing

Burgas Plaza
There is a  good variety of shopping possibilities in Bourgas. The first to come- shopping mall is called Bourgas Plaza and is located on the Ring Road in the western part of the town, near the ramp to the highway to Sofia.

The center is only 4 years old and is built in 2 floors. Here are many shops with a wide range of consumer goods as well as several restaurants. In the ground floor of the mall is located a huge Carrefour- superaket, part of the world’s largest supermarket chains, quite popular amongst Bulgarians.

If you get hungry you will find a MC Donalds and KFC. Beside KFC, we can recommend the steakhouse restaurant.

By clicking on the following link you can get an overview of this shopping center:

Burgas Plaza

If you need some household equipment for your holiday home, you will find situated Metro a few hundred meters away from Burgas Plaza and behind the center you wil find Baumax, where you can by all sorts of bulding materials, in – and outdoor plants, fabric, carpets, etc.

The city center
Another shopping option is the central pedestrian on  Alexandrovska, which is approx. 3 km long. The pedestrian street starts  at the railway and bus station, stretching up all the way to the New Building of Bourgas Free University. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, serving familiar dishes from the traditional and international cuisine.

If you want to experience  a bit of the authentic Bulgarian atmosphere you will find the best way to search away from the tourist- crowded places, and might find it more successful to use the local-test. Is the place full of locals only? Menu typed in Bulgarian only? This is your place! Here you can eat delicious, authentic Bulgarian cuisine of good quality. Besides traditional Bulgarian food, you will find many places in Burgas Serbian-inspired restaurants.

If you come by car to the center, please, mind the parking zones marked with blue lines. Here you can pay for parking using the machine which stands on the street, or you can pay by sending sms, following the instructions on the signs. Paying by phone is only possible if you have a local number- sim card.

Sea Garden
Do your feet and head need some rest? We can highly recommend the giant Sea Garden, a park situated right on the shores of Black Sea with stunning views over the bay of Burgas. It is also where you will find an open-air theater, hosting several annual festivals.

Here you can relax in the shades on a hot day and enjoy all the lovely flowers and beautiful sculptures or enjoy a lunch at one of the numerous restaurants located along the long boardwalk, and may safely let the kids run around freely.



The following link is to a tourist agency website where you can find information about what is happening in Burgas. Tourist information about Bourgas