Winetasting at Izbata restaurant – Pomorie – Juni 2015

Wintasting at Izbata Restaurant in Pomorie has proved to be a great success amongst our regular participants, and we have decided to repeat the experience with all who enjoy good wine this year as well.  You will have the opportunity to taste 4 Bulgarian wines, and one type of well- aged cognac. We shall first visit the old wine cellar and got a brief introduction to the history of the vinery. Then we shall taste a selection of wines, and have dinner in the garden of the restaurant.

Time: Monday, June 15th, 7 PM

Location: Izbata. The winery is located on the main road passing Pomorie, between Sunset Resort and Marina Holdiay Club

Registration: Phone 00359 878 329 428, or by mail:

Payment: approx. 50 leva per. person for wine tasting and dinner

Discover the Bulgarian kitchen – Sarafovo – August 2015

We taste some popular, traditional dishes from the Bulgarian cuisine, such as the famous yoghurt- cucumber cold soup, fresh salads and differentmeat dishes.

We are glad to introduce a short, practical dining-guide, which makes it easier for you to order Bulgarian food, in restaurnats, and perhpas try and prepare some of the meals at home.
Time: Saturday, 15th. of August, 7 PM
Location: Atlantis Hotel and Spa, in Sarafovo,  Angel Dimitrov no. 58
Registration: Phone 00359 878 329 428, or by mail:
Payment: Approximately 35 Leva per person, which includes1/2 bottle of wine and lots of exciting tastings.

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine

Many of the property- owners, who travel often to Bulgaria have not really experienced the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. This is mainly due to the language barrier, since it can be difficult to read a Bulgarian menu with cyrillic letters. Then comes the fear of ordering something which might be totally out of range of the desired meals. This is the reason why pasta and pizza places are amongst those most popular at the tourist places.

Therefore, we have authored a “dining guide” to the Bulgarian cuisine, which is just to print out and take with you to the restaurant. In the guide we have described some of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine you find in most of the menus.

A tarator, cold yogurt soup is very refreshing on a hot day. One of the more daring soups is a soup made on the tripe of a cow.

Cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, peas, spinach, beans, lettuce and mushrooms are all grown under environmentally friendly forms that make them pure, organic products. In many of the menu is the weight of the lettuce in grams.

Cold appetizers
A classic cold starter is lukanka, air-dried sausage, served sliced, which goes well with the Bulgarian feta cheese.

Meat dishes
Sheep and lamb served in a saucepan; karvarma, with onions and various Bulgarian krydderuter a pleasure beyond the usual. Grilled meatballs, køfteta or grilspyd with veal and chicken is a nice light dish.

When you’re out at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant, you get used to ask whether the right you have ordered, served with the accessories Are you on the other hand, a traditional restaurant with international flavor, you need not worry about it, because accessories tend to be part of the menu.

Vegetarian dishes
There is a very large selection of vegetarian dishes on the menu at the bulgarke kitchen.

Fresh fish from the Black Sea is only available on the menu in the fall. In summer you can get fresh fish imported from Turkey and fresh freshwater fish.

It’s always a good idea to book a court at a time, to avoid starter and main course is served at the same time. It is customary to give approx. 10% tip to the waiter when you have been satisfied with the service. Tips are an important part of a waiters’ wages at most restaurants.

Make your own shopska salad

Most of you who have been on holiday in Bulgaria, while staying at your property, and have probably tasted a s”hopska salad”, which is a Bulgarian national dish with flavors of sun and summer. Here is a recipe for salad for 4 people.

Shopska salad
1 cucumber
3 tomatoes
1 onion
1 green pepper+ 1 baked and peeled red or green pepper
feta cheese


Peel the cucumber and cut into cubes. Cut the tomatoes into cubes. Cut the green pepper into small pieces. Peel and cut a half onion into medium-thin rings. Cut the feta into cubes and mix all ingredients. Alternatively you can grater the feat as a topping on the salad. Add a little olive oil or possibly garnish with some olives.

Serve the salad as a starter with good bread or as an accompaniment to a main course.