Bourgas – shopping and sightseeing

Burgas Plaza
There is a  good variety of shopping possibilities in Bourgas. The first to come- shopping mall is called Bourgas Plaza and is located on the Ring Road in the western part of the town, near the ramp to the highway to Sofia.

The center is only 4 years old and is built in 2 floors. Here are many shops with a wide range of consumer goods as well as several restaurants. In the ground floor of the mall is located a huge Carrefour- superaket, part of the world’s largest supermarket chains, quite popular amongst Bulgarians.

If you get hungry you will find a MC Donalds and KFC. Beside KFC, we can recommend the steakhouse restaurant.

By clicking on the following link you can get an overview of this shopping center:

Burgas Plaza

If you need some household equipment for your holiday home, you will find situated Metro a few hundred meters away from Burgas Plaza and behind the center you wil find Baumax, where you can by all sorts of bulding materials, in – and outdoor plants, fabric, carpets, etc.

The city center
Another shopping option is the central pedestrian on  Alexandrovska, which is approx. 3 km long. The pedestrian street starts  at the railway and bus station, stretching up all the way to the New Building of Bourgas Free University. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, serving familiar dishes from the traditional and international cuisine.

If you want to experience  a bit of the authentic Bulgarian atmosphere you will find the best way to search away from the tourist- crowded places, and might find it more successful to use the local-test. Is the place full of locals only? Menu typed in Bulgarian only? This is your place! Here you can eat delicious, authentic Bulgarian cuisine of good quality. Besides traditional Bulgarian food, you will find many places in Burgas Serbian-inspired restaurants.

If you come by car to the center, please, mind the parking zones marked with blue lines. Here you can pay for parking using the machine which stands on the street, or you can pay by sending sms, following the instructions on the signs. Paying by phone is only possible if you have a local number- sim card.

Sea Garden
Do your feet and head need some rest? We can highly recommend the giant Sea Garden, a park situated right on the shores of Black Sea with stunning views over the bay of Burgas. It is also where you will find an open-air theater, hosting several annual festivals.

Here you can relax in the shades on a hot day and enjoy all the lovely flowers and beautiful sculptures or enjoy a lunch at one of the numerous restaurants located along the long boardwalk, and may safely let the kids run around freely.



The following link is to a tourist agency website where you can find information about what is happening in Burgas. Tourist information about Bourgas

Discover Bulgaria from the waterfront

Dear owner of a holiday apartment in Bulgaria,  

You have now the opportunity to discover Bulgaria from the waterfront with a fast ferry. There are daily departures from Nessebar respectively Sozopol and Varna with return on the same day, and from Balchick to Varna.

You can read more about prices and departure times on the following link.

Fast ferry on the BlackSea

Bulgaria Choses Not to Go for the EUR

Source: Reuters

Bulgaria is the poorest country in the EU, so recording in the euro area has otherwise been a strategic goal.

But now Bulgaria is dropping all plans to have the euro as the official currency in the country.

The decision was made due to the deteriorating economic situation and the bleak outlook for the EU economy.

It says Finance Minister of Bulgaria, Mr Simeon DJANKOV today, writes Reuters.

– Right now I can not see any advantages to join the euro zone, other than expenses, says Djankov in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

– It’s too risky for us, just as we do not know how it will look in one or two years, says finance minister.

Djankov predicts a five-year zero-growth in the euro zone, unless EU leaders lashing out at Germany’s tough demands on the economy, he said.

In return, he means a growth in Bulgaria this year of 1.5 percent.

E-book for Free – How to Sell Your Property Fast and to a Good Price – Within 6 Easy Steps


Welcome to the only e- book on the market, giving you a detailed “recipe” on how to sell your property in Bulgaria though 6 easy steps- fast and at a good price. 

I decided to write this e-book, because I believe it would be much in demand amongst those looking to sell their holiday home inBulgaria.

In the past few winter months, after reading a good night story to my two little girls at 2 and 4, I sat in my kitchen with my computer my spent a few hours creating this electronic guide.

My working late hours was not exactly well received by my lovely wife Nevena, although I am sure she understood well my desire to share my 8 years of experience on what does and what does not work at all in Bulgaria when it comes to selling property. 

In any event I believe that my wife’s understanding was well regained with the help of a pair of gold earring she got from me for Christmas.

You would, most certainly ask:  Well, Robert, what is your background, making you an expert in this field?” Well you see….

Download the e-book here: How to sell your property fast and to a good price – within 6 easy steps

Make your own shopska salad

Most of you who have been on holiday in Bulgaria, while staying at your property, and have probably tasted a s”hopska salad”, which is a Bulgarian national dish with flavors of sun and summer. Here is a recipe for salad for 4 people.

Shopska salad
1 cucumber
3 tomatoes
1 onion
1 green pepper+ 1 baked and peeled red or green pepper
feta cheese


Peel the cucumber and cut into cubes. Cut the tomatoes into cubes. Cut the green pepper into small pieces. Peel and cut a half onion into medium-thin rings. Cut the feta into cubes and mix all ingredients. Alternatively you can grater the feat as a topping on the salad. Add a little olive oil or possibly garnish with some olives.

Serve the salad as a starter with good bread or as an accompaniment to a main course.

Property management of your home

Bulgarienview DK offers you the best service package on the Black Sea Coast. The price of the package is only EUR 135 per year and it includes a number of services, assisting you as a property owner in Bulgaria.

Trips: Organizing your transfer from and to the airport.

Looking After Your Property: Keeping your keys. Organizing cleaning of your property. Property inspection every months from October to May; Air all the rooms; Inspection of all the rooms for check of lighting, plumbing, humidity, pest control, electrical, check, boiler check, check that all appliances are in working order. Emergency property checks following inclement weathers and arranging clear up, if necessary, after storms/high winds;

Payment Services: Paying the bills for water electricity, kabel tv, internet, insurance, property taxes, waste colletions fees etc.;

Doctor and Hospital: 24 hours phone service for medical help.

Offers: Offer for Property insurance (including Public Liability insurance)

Apply for Property Management service from Bulgarienview DK here

Facts about Bulgaria

  • Area: 101,912 km2.
  • Population: Approximately 7.8 million
  • Religion: Orthodox Christians.
  • Capital: Sofia, about 1.2. million inhabitants.
  • Other large cities: Plovdiv, Bourgas, Varna.
  • Visa: Non for EU citizins.
  • Currency: Leva. (1 lev = 100 stotinki). 1 lev = 0,43 pound.
  • Languages: Bulgarian, a Slavic language that uses the Cyrillic alphabet. In the big cities, resorts, hotels and restaurants most people speak English or German.
  • Credit Cards: Can be used in larger cities, but it’s easiest to pay in cash. In most cities there are ATMs where  VISACARD, MASTERCARD, DINERS and others can be used. There can be raised Leva 400 per day.
  • Time Difference: Central European (Danish time +1 hour)
  • Drinking water: It is recommended to drink plenty of spring water sold in bottles everywhere.
  • Opening Hours: Many small shops are open around the clock. Banks and public offices are generally open Monday-Friday 8:00 to 12:00 & 13:00-17:00
  • Climate in Bulgaria: The climate in Bulgaria is moderate continental climate with hot summer and cold winter.

Pay your property tax before the first of April – and get 5% discount

In Bulgaria you pay property tax and waste collection fee to the municipality where the property is located. 

The tax is calculated on the public tax evaluaiton of your property. Each municipality determines the tax rate itself, but most places charged between 0,1 and 1.5 pro mill. Additionally, you have to pay waste collection fees.

You can choose to pay the taxes in four installments, or pay the total amount within the first April and get 5% discount.

If you need help to pay your taxes, you are welcome to drop me an email

Help me to pay my property tax


Insure your holiday home

Dear property owner,

Do not forget to insure your holiday home in Bulgaria.

We partner with a global insurance company, and can therefore offer to insure your home in Bulgaria against the following events:

  • Fire, storm damage and earthquakes.
  • The content for the above events as well as burglary and theft.
  • Liability to third parties.

We have below compiled a list of the premium with different amounts for a home, the content and the damage to third parties.


The premium is only EUR 98 per year to insurance an apartment for a sum of Euro 40.000, the content for Euro 5.000 and damage to third parties for Euro 12.000. If you one day have to use the insurance, we are ready to help you with the needed paperwork.

If you want an insurance quotation for your property, do not hesitate to click on the link below.

Insurance quotation

Who is buying holiday apartments ?

The global crisis in 2008, has turned many things upside down in Europe. Everyday life has given us a new “agenda” in the media with headlines such as Ball aut,  bankruptcies, rising unemployment rate ……

The crisis which started in autum in 2008, has also affected the marked for buying and selling holiday homes  in Bulgaria.

The housing market before the crisis

After the millennium, it became possible for foreigners to buy property in Bulgaria. It was mainly people from England and Ireland who discovered the new market, followed by customers from Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Poland. It was not uncommon to buy one apartment or more off- plan, and to pay the purchase price in installments as the building was built.

The housing market after the crisis

In 2006 and 2007 it was also interesting for people from Russia and the Russian-speaking republics (with a population of approx. 250 million, of which approx. 150 million live in Russia), to buy second homes on the Black Sea.

The demand from the Russians to buy apartments in Bulgaria, increased significantly as the global crisis did not affect the Russian economy significantly. It was now possible for the Russian middle class to buy on the resale market, where the prices began to drop with 10 to 20% in value per year.

The Russians do not buy as an investment

Most of the people from western Europ bought holiday homes as an investment with the expectation for:

  • Rising housing prices after Bulgaria joined the EU in 2007
  • Rising housing prices with the replacement of the Bulgarian leva with euro
  • Recouping the investment in rental

The majority of Russians do not buy property as an investment, but to use the property. They are attracted to:

  • The hot summers and the fresh air from the Black Sea
  • The fresh vegetables and fruits
  • The lack of language barrier- almost all Bulgarians speak Russian

Today, 9 out of 10 apartments are bought by Russians. According to the latest statictics around 110.000 Russians are property owners in Bulgaria.