Who is buying holiday apartments along the Black Sea Coast?

If I look back at the year in terms of sales of holiday homes on the Black Sea, the market has not been too uplifting for the sellers. There is still a mismatch between supply and demand. If one’s sales price is not competitive, they will ” not be invited up for a dance ”, meaning there will be no viewings.

Lack of interest from the Russian market
Interest from the Russian market has declined sharply this year, due to the political climate and the economic situation in the country. We find that more Russians choose to sell their holiday homes by the Black Sea.

New players on the pitch
On the other hand, we have experienced increasing interest from Ukraine. Quite some Ukrainians are nervous about collapsing of the country, and therefore choose to secure their savings and future by buying properties in Bulgaria, especially for all year living.

In Poland, the economy is growing, and new flight routes from 8 airports are opened to the Black Sea Coast. It has increased the interest in investing in a holiday apartment.

The Romanians have returned to the market, and have especially shown interest in the northern part of the Black Sea, in the Kavarna and Balchik area.

Finally, we have seen a growing trend from Bulgarians who live abroad, to choose and invest in a holiday home.

Robert Møller


Expectations for the property year 2017

The high season for sales of holiday apartment along the Black Sea Cost is approaching . From April until the beginning of November is the period where most customers are looking to purchase an apartment.

I made a video, about 4 minutes, where I come up with my idea of what you can expect from the market in 2017.
Robert Møller


Event at the Black Sea Coast in July- free of charge !

Summerevent Bulgarienview DKAre you planning to stay for a few days in your apartment on the Black Sea Cost this forthcoming summer? A new exciting experience is awaiting to be introduced:

Open- air, healthy spa- procedure, inclusive of

  • Taking a mud spa
  • Literally floating on the water- surface in a lye- pool (as in the Red Sea)
  • Rinsing the salt and mud off in the water of The Black Sea

We round off the experience with having dinner together.

If mud, salt, sun and beach are not your prime choice, you are welcome to simply join us for dinner. Children and grandparents are welcome along!

Where ?
We meet at the parking- lot at the Atlantis Hotel and Spa in Sarafovo. We are either driving (takes about 5 minutes) or walking (takes about 20 minutes) to the salt- pond and mud- bath. Should you chose to drive, you will need to either use your own vehicle, or drive together with some of the other participants.

Sarafovo is situated in close proximity to the airport in Burgas. The address is Angel Dimitrov 58. Here is a link to a map

When ?
At 16.00 hrs, every Tuesday in July (July 5, July 12, July 19 and July 26.)

What does it cost to participate?
Use of mud bath and salt- pond is free of charge. Dinner is at participants’ expense.

What should I bring?
Bathing- suite, towel, sun- lotion, bottled water, hat, an inflatable neck-pillow will add on to your experience, should you desire to float freely in the salt- pond. Showers will be arranged at a small fee at Atlantis Hotel.

Registration ?

Please, confirm your interest and participation, no later than one week in advance. Telephone 00359 878 329 428, or email rm@bulgarienview.dk



Update for 2015 and expectations for the coming year !!

complexHow did it go with the prices on holiday apartments at the Black Sea Coast in 2015 ?

We are now at the very end with the season for sale of holiday apartments at the Black Sea Coast for 2015

You can check out the video here (it is 2 minuttes and 30 seconds) and get an overview on the actual situation  –  and what you can expect to happen in 2016.

Market update 2015






Best Reagards

Robert Møller

Decreasing demand for used holiday apartments at the Black Sea Coast

complexThe number of buyers for holiday  apartments have decreased significant because of the following three reasons:

  1. The value of the ruble against the euro has for the last year decreased with 16.6%
  2. The political relations between Russia and Bulgaria have been compromised
  3. The Russians have started buying newly -built apartments in complexes built in Russian imperial architectural style

Watch the video here

Winetasting at Izbata restaurant – Pomorie – Juni 2015

Wintasting at Izbata Restaurant in Pomorie has proved to be a great success amongst our regular participants, and we have decided to repeat the experience with all who enjoy good wine this year as well.  You will have the opportunity to taste 4 Bulgarian wines, and one type of well- aged cognac. We shall first visit the old wine cellar and got a brief introduction to the history of the vinery. Then we shall taste a selection of wines, and have dinner in the garden of the restaurant.

Time: Monday, June 15th, 7 PM

Location: Izbata. The winery is located on the main road passing Pomorie, between Sunset Resort and Marina Holdiay Club

Registration: Phone 00359 878 329 428, or by mail: rm@bulgarienview.dk

Payment: approx. 50 leva per. person for wine tasting and dinner

Beach Party – Sarafovo – July 2015

Guests are offered to enjoy a cocktail or two, at the beach, bathe in the 25 C warm and pleasant Blakc Sea waters, play beach soccer and /or volleyball.

Sand Castle- competition, and exciting awards for children-competitors.

We round off this event with an outdoor dinner together, at the resautrant in Atlantis Hotel and Spa.

Time: Friday, 3.rd of July, or 17th. of July 4.30 PM

Location: Atlantis Hotel and Spa in Sarafovo, Angel Dimitrov no. 58.

Registration: Phone 00359 878 329 428, or by mail: rm@bulgarienview.dk

Payment: Food and beverage at restaurnat at each guest’s expens, about 40 leva.

Discover the Bulgarian kitchen – Sarafovo – August 2015

We taste some popular, traditional dishes from the Bulgarian cuisine, such as the famous yoghurt- cucumber cold soup, fresh salads and differentmeat dishes.

We are glad to introduce a short, practical dining-guide, which makes it easier for you to order Bulgarian food, in restaurnats, and perhpas try and prepare some of the meals at home.
Time: Saturday, 15th. of August, 7 PM
Location: Atlantis Hotel and Spa, in Sarafovo,  Angel Dimitrov no. 58
Registration: Phone 00359 878 329 428, or by mail: rm@bulgarienview.dk
Payment: Approximately 35 Leva per person, which includes1/2 bottle of wine and lots of exciting tastings.

Traditional Bulgarian cuisine

Many of the property- owners, who travel often to Bulgaria have not really experienced the traditional Bulgarian cuisine. This is mainly due to the language barrier, since it can be difficult to read a Bulgarian menu with cyrillic letters. Then comes the fear of ordering something which might be totally out of range of the desired meals. This is the reason why pasta and pizza places are amongst those most popular at the tourist places.

Therefore, we have authored a “dining guide” to the Bulgarian cuisine, which is just to print out and take with you to the restaurant. In the guide we have described some of the traditional Bulgarian cuisine you find in most of the menus.

A tarator, cold yogurt soup is very refreshing on a hot day. One of the more daring soups is a soup made on the tripe of a cow.

Cabbage, potatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic, peas, spinach, beans, lettuce and mushrooms are all grown under environmentally friendly forms that make them pure, organic products. In many of the menu is the weight of the lettuce in grams.

Cold appetizers
A classic cold starter is lukanka, air-dried sausage, served sliced, which goes well with the Bulgarian feta cheese.

Meat dishes
Sheep and lamb served in a saucepan; karvarma, with onions and various Bulgarian krydderuter a pleasure beyond the usual. Grilled meatballs, køfteta or grilspyd with veal and chicken is a nice light dish.

When you’re out at a traditional Bulgarian restaurant, you get used to ask whether the right you have ordered, served with the accessories Are you on the other hand, a traditional restaurant with international flavor, you need not worry about it, because accessories tend to be part of the menu.

Vegetarian dishes
There is a very large selection of vegetarian dishes on the menu at the bulgarke kitchen.

Fresh fish from the Black Sea is only available on the menu in the fall. In summer you can get fresh fish imported from Turkey and fresh freshwater fish.

It’s always a good idea to book a court at a time, to avoid starter and main course is served at the same time. It is customary to give approx. 10% tip to the waiter when you have been satisfied with the service. Tips are an important part of a waiters’ wages at most restaurants.